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With patient-focused care in mind, My Health Onsite is your complete source for improving health and boosting productivity. You will find easy access to the transformative power of onsite primary care and personalized services. We make prevention our number one goal.


Our board certified medical providers and team take the time to build strong personal relationships. Patients may access a range of medical services at your onsite or near-site health center, including x-rays, an on-site pharmacy, treatment for acute illnesses like the flu, and medical care for chronic conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Transforming Employees Health by Being Proactive

My Health Onsite strives to deliver an advanced worksite-healthcare model that enhances patient engagement while delivering medical services to proactively improve health outcomes for patients. Through top-rated medical partnerships and interactive e-health portals, employers and plan members reap the benefits of holistic medicine, personalized care, and drastically lower healthcare costs. By focusing on early interventions, risk identification, and patient compliance, our first-class medical teams are able to treat and manage member health. Our founders have experience in serving the needs of school boards, city and county governments, sheriff’s offices, as well as private organizations.

Face-to-Face Coaching that is Engaged

Treating High-Risk Conditions early such as diabetes and hypertension is essential for a patient’s overall health. My Health Onsite offers onsite health coaching that includes dietitians, exercise physiologists, and nurse educators to help guide patients towards improved optimal health. In addition to face-to-face coaching, we offer a Vital Investment Program (VIP). The VIP program includes online webinars, a personalized health assessment, and much more. All services we offer are completely free for all eligible patients.

Doctor's Appointment

Increased Physician Face-Time Visits that are Focused & Personalized

My Health Onsite offers a complimentary personalized health assessment called the Vital Health Profile (VHP), which includes biometric screening and laboratory studies. The VHP gives patients an opportunity to review their results with our medical provider and receive a complete medical evaluation.


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I am physically healthier and

happier than ever before!

Greg Y.

(My Health Onsite Wellness Program Participant)

Since achieving my weight

loss goal, I have more

energy to play with my kids.

Jocelyn H.

(My Health Onsite Wellness Program Participant)

In nine months, I lost more than 100 pounds!

Andrew S.

(My Health Onsite Wellness Program Participant)

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