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One Employer at a Time, One Member at a Time


At My Health Onsite, we provide patient-focused care through an advanced worksite-healthcare model. For nearly 2 decades, we've built and managed over 55 health and wellness centers. Through top rated-medical partnerships, interactive e-health portals, onsite, near-site and virtual care, we have honed the transformative power of primary care and wellness services. By focusing on early interventions, risk identification, and patient compliance, our first-class medical teams are able to treat and manage employee health with exceptional success. My Health Onsite is transforming the healthcare landscape by empowering our members with healthy lifestyle changes – prevention is our number one goal. Our model and expertise has proven to lower healthcare costs for employers, while proactively improving the health outcomes for their employees.

Patient Pledge

The patient is the most important visitor on the premises. They are not dependent upon us – we are dependent upon them. They are not an outsider in our health center – they are  part of it. We are not doing the patient a favor by serving them – they are giving us the privilege to serve.

Our Mission


My Health Onsite delivers advanced personalized healthcare solutions to employers that enhance patient engagement while proactively improving health outcomes.

Our Vision


My Health Onsite will transform healthcare in the employer space by promoting a culture of health and well-being, including patient care that is high quality, cost-efficient and inviting of individual preferences, fostering a culture of compassionate care.

The Patient is the HEART of our Service

HOSPITALITYWe are dedicated to anticipating needs and developing relationships that exceed patient and client expectations.

EXCELLENCEWe are committed to improving individual outcomes by encouraging health education and creating personalized proactive care plans for each patient.

ACCESSIBILITYWe promote the highest quality of care by providing easy access to screenings, preventive services, health programs and integrated primary care.

RESPONSIBILITYWe take responsibility for the safe and cost-effective delivery of care to our patients.

TEAMWORKWe are committed to respect, communication and collaboration.


Our proven successes have positioned us to implement cost-saving solutions for employers of nearly all sizes. Contact us for your free consultation.

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