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My Health Onsite strives to deliver an advanced worksite-healthcare model that enhances patient engagement while delivering medical services to proactively improve health outcomes for patients. Through top-rated medical partnerships and interactive e-health portals, employers and plan members reap the benefits of holistic medicine, personalized care, and drastically lower healthcare costs. By focusing on early interventions, risk identification, and patient compliance, our first-class medical teams are able to treat and manage member health. 



Being physically active has many health benefits, we'll help you figure out what path you should start on to make your goals a reality.

Nutrition & Weight Management

Learn to address "your why" and explore the behavioral changes that will lead to healthy eating & weight loss.

Better Sleep

 Getting enough sleep helps you stay healthy and alert. If you're waking up tired, it may be time to see your MHO provider.

Disease Prevention

By focusing on early intervention, we lead our members to healthier lifestyles. Disease prevention is our number one goal.

Stress Management

We provide tools to manage and prevent chronic stress as well as provide tips for practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Tobacco Cessation

We help tobacco users understand 
and cope with problems they 
have when trying to quit during our 6-week comprehensive program.

Diabetes Management

We are here to walk you through adopting a healthier lifestyle to help negate the complications of diabetes.

Healthy Cholesterol

MHO works with our patients to provide information on the different types of cholesterol and how to manage and reduce high risk numbers.

Blood Pressure Management

By treating high blood pressure, you can reduce your risk for a stroke, heart attack, or kidney failure.

Vital Health Profile (VHP)

My Health Onsite offers a complimentary personalized health assessment called the Vital Health Profile (VHP), which includes biometric screen and laboratory studies.

Checking Blood Pressure

Vital Investment Program (VIP)

My Health Onsite offers over 30 free wellness programs called the Vital Investment Program (VIP) facilitated by onsite registered nurse educators, registered dietitians, health coaches and tobacco treatment specialists.

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