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Erin Gwyn, APRN


Erin Gwyn, APRN is a Florida native and graduate of FSU (Go Noles!) and USF (Go Bulls!). She is a nurse practitioner and has practiced in the arena of Occupational Medicine for 20 years and Urgent Care for 11 years. Erin feels she has had a rewarding career in which she contributes to great preceptor and mentorship. Thus, in return she has completed formal preceptor course work and had the privilege to precept students. In her day-to-day approach in client care, she integrates her strengths from her two distinct professional worlds—as a basketball coach and an expert clinician. Gwyn feels she has a good grasp of the pertinence of connecting and building rapport with the client, being an active participant with the mind-set that there may be no second chances or do overs, and leaving the client with the game winning ball in their hands equipped with the ability to make lifestyle choices that will have a positive impact on their overall health.

Erin Gwyn, APRN
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