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City of
Cape Coral

Employee Health & Wellness Center


Patient Support Team:


Bill Johnson, MD
Bill Johnson, MD

Family Care Provider

City of Cape Coral

Dr. Johnson was born in small town of Lamar, Indiana. He enlisted in the Air Force at 16 as an Aircraft Engine Mechanic and was later accepted into the Flight Engineer program. Dr. Johnson then transferred to the Kentucky Air National Guard and continued flying C-130's as a Flight Engineer Instructor. He completed his Biology Degree with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Louisville.
Dr. Johnson was then accepted to University of Louisville School of Medicine. After Graduation from medical school, he completed his residency in perioperative medicine and anesthesiology. He attended Basic Aerospace Medicine courses during residency. Dr Johnson has worked as an anesthesiologist and in ER medicine for 18 years. He retired as a Flight Surgeon from the Indiana Air National Guard in 2009. Dr. Johnson moved to Fort Myers, Florida and accepted a position with My Health Onsite at Cape Coral in December of 2021. He is blessed with a beautiful wife, three wonderful kids and two ornery cats.

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